Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GREETINGS, and welcome to our first official BLOG!

            We are thrilled to have this new forum at our disposal.  We look forward to being able to offer you relevant insights into dentistry and health in general, updates about our office, and the occasional “Special Offer.”  We hope you enjoy reading about these various aspects of our practice!

            It’s official – we are on Facebook!  We hope you will take a minute to look us up and “Like” us.  Type in Dr. William G. “Steve” Stephens – Family Dental Care to find our Page, or simply click here.  We are an official Facebook Place as well, so if you have the app on your smart phone, make sure you ‘Check In’ on Facebook when you visit the office.

            As many of you have noticed, we are using a new messaging software program called Demand Force.  It helps us to better communicate with you, and makes scheduling and keeping your dental appointments more convenient.  While we always enjoy speaking with you, utilizing emails and text messages will facilitate our communications and streamline the appointment process.

            If anyone in your family, or friends that you know are patients, have NOT received a “Welcome” email from our office via Demand Force, it means we do not have current email or mobile phone information for them.  Please ask them to EMAIL THE OFFICE with their current email address and/or mobile phone number.

An artificial sweetener that is GOOD FOR YOU!

            While tooth decay has decreased in the overall population, it still exists and must still be battled.  Some people are just more susceptible to “cavities” than others. 

            Xylitol is a widely used artificial sweetener that is known to have numerous beneficial health effects, some of which include:  antimicrobial properties that help prevent tooth decay; it can help prevent earaches and sinus infections; it enhances mineral absorption in tooth enamel; and consistent use helps stimulate saliva flow, especially important for those with xerostomia (dry mouth).  Please CLICK HERE for more detailed information.  You will be surprised at what you read under “The Xylitol Effect” heading about halfway down the page.

            Xylitol is supplied in many forms (chewing gum, nasal spray, dry mouth spray, etc.) and has few side effects.  One company that has come to the forefront of xylitol science is "XLEAR."   CLICK HERE to visit their website.  Research strongly backs up all the xylitol claims, and we strongly encourage its use.

Housekeeping Matters

            We always have and always will strive to accommodate emergencies and unscheduled procedures.  With this in mind, running on time for scheduled appointments is our ultimate goal.   

            So if you have a cleaning appointment or an appointment with Dr. Stephens, and you have additional dental concerns (i.e. a chipped or sensitive tooth, a jaw ache or cosmetic concern, etc.) please give us a call well before you arrive for your appointment.  The necessary extra time will then be scheduled.  This will often times allow us to accommodate you so a return visit is not necessary, and it keeps us on time for our other wonderful patients.  Thanks in advance for helping us make your visits more convenient!